Friday Favorites April 19 2019

Is anyone else super excited for the long weekend too? I’m looking forward to a few extra days to take it easy. I started off the Easter weekend by going to a yoga class this morning. It was tough, but I knew I wouldn’t have worked that hard if I was doing it at home. I’m glad I went, but I was sweating like crazy about half way through.

Since it’s Friday I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things from the past week.

Spring weather

On Thursday I went for a walk with just my t-shirt – no need for a jacket or hoodie! It felt so good to be outside with the sun shining down. It definitely feels like spring is here. On the flip side, seeing my pasty white arms outside in the sun made me realize how pale I am.

Playoff hockey

Any other hockey fans around here? It’s always a big deal when the Flames make it into the playoffs. I’m hoping they make it past the first round this year. They play Colorado again tonight, and if they lose then they’re eliminated.

Needless to say, I have my fingers crossed that they win tonight. They have a huge area fenced off outside of the Saddledome where they play for fans to watch the game on a big screen. They even have a huge goal light. It’s been cloudy all day and it looks like it’s threatening to rain, so I’m not sure how many people will be willing to brave the weather for a couple hours to watch the game.

Barbecued hamburgers

Speaking of spring weather, we barbecued some hamburgers earlier this week and they were so good! It was the first time we used the barbecue in 2019, so it tasted extra delicious. There’s just something about cooking them on the barbecue that makes them so much better than cooking them up on the stove.

Is anyone else watching playoff hockey? Who are you cheering for?

Favorite burger toppings?

Mine are onion, ketchup, mustard, and guacamole.

Recent Eats


I’m a huge fan of smoothies for breakfast after I get home from the gym. They’re super easy and quick to make, plus I can get in a good amount of protein with my first meal of the day. Looking for a smoothie recipe? Here’s my go to smoothie recipe.


I ordered the chicken sandwich at Fat Burger a week or two ago and it was better than I was expecting. There wasn’t much in the way of toppings on it – just the lettuce and some mayo, but it was surprisingly tasty. If you’re going to be at Fat Burger give the chicken sandwich a try.

I’ve been all about the salads for the lat month or so. I think it’s because of the warmer weather. I’m more in the mood for greens and lighter meals now. I topped this spinach salad with some tortilla crisps, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing.

My dad was craving shawarma last week, so we went to his favorite spot to go get some. I went with the donair. Needless to say, this ended up being three meals for me. I took home the leftovers and they were just as tasty and second and third times around.

I’m always looking for ways to add some protein to my salads, and lately I’ve really been enjoying sauteed chicken. I’ll season it with some salt, pepper, and Italian spices so that it has some flavor to it. Super easy and it definitely takes the salads up a notch.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like quesadillas? I ordered this one from Hudson’s and it was really good. I ordered it on Skip the Dishes so I wasn’t sure how it would travel, but it got here in pretty good shape. I would definitely order it again.

I’m a huge fan of Budget Byte’s honey mustard pork chops. They always turn out juicy and full of flavor. They do require a bit of work, but none of it is complicated. They’re well worth the effort.

I know I’ve already mentioned this falafel pizza before on the blog, but I just have to reiterate how delicious it is. When I first read it on the menu it sounded like a strange combination – but it works really well together.

Stir fry is one of those super easy meals to throw together but has a ton of flavor and is always delicious. I used a couple chicken breasts, a bag of frozen vegetables, some rice made in the instant pot, and some store bought honey garlic sauce.


My boyfriend bought me this watermelon cider. It was definitely on the sweeter side for a cider, but the watermelon flavor was really good. I think sometimes they can taste fake, but this one didn’t. He has a couple more flavors for me to try which I’m looking forward to because this one was so good.

I stopped by Cob’s to get some multi grain bread, and when I saw that they had blueberry scones I couldn’t resist getting one. I’m glad that I did because it was so good!

What’s one of your recent eats? Favorite meal out lately? Share in the comments below.

At Home Workout Roundup

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite at home workouts. There’s so much you can do with a little bit of creativity and 2 or 3 sets of dumbbells. I’m sharing some of my favorite workouts that can be done at home that I’ve shared on the blog over the years. As always, if at home workouts aren’t you thing, check out all my workouts over on the workouts page.

As much as I love going to the gym, sometimes I press snooze one too many times and I don’t have time to get there, but I still want to get in a good workout. Gym memberships aren’t always in everyone’s budget. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good sweat session in.

If you’re looking to start working out at home, check out this post for my favorite at home equipment. If you just want to get a couple sets of dumbbells and a yoga mat, I like these dumbbells (affiliate link) and these mats (affiliate link).

At Home Bodyweight Workout

This bodyweight workout doesn’t any equipment so it’s perfect if you’re travelling or don’t have any equipment to use at home.

This cardio workout is another one that requires zero equipment, but it’ll still get you sweaty in no time. The only thing you’ll need is some space to do the side shuffles and jump rope.

For this 30 minute full body workout you’ll need a pair or two of dumbbells for the tricep dips, overhead press, reverse flyes, and bicep curls.

You just need a pair of heavier dumbbells for this lower body workout.

I figured I would round out this list of workouts with an upper body workout. I find that upper body workouts the easiest one to do at home because I don’t need heavier dumbbells like I do with lower body workouts.

As always, talk to your doctor before beginning to workout. Honor your body and modify these workouts as needed for you.

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my blog, I appreciate it!

Weekend Highlights April 15 2019

I had a really great weekend. I got to spend some time with my favorite people, have an Easter dinner with some friends of the family, and get some quality puppy cuddles in too. It’s hard to go wrong with any of those things.

Friday night was date night. I headed over to my boyfriend’s place and the first thing we did was take his puppy, Winston, on a walk. He got lots of pets from people (everyone from employees at the beer store to construction workers) and we got about 30 minutes of walking in.

We took Winston back home and then my boyfriend and I walked over to Vagabond to get dinner. I ordered the chicken club burger and it was so good! It had chicken breast, brie cheese, bacon, avocado, and lettuce and basil aoli on it. It was every bit as delicious as it sounds. Even the side salad was really good. There were greens, pumpkin seeds, cheese, pickled onions, and an oil based dressing on it. I will definitely be ordering this same meal again.

Saturday night we were invited over to have an early Easter dinner with some friends of the family. The food was delicious as it always is over there. We had ham, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, buns, and a broccoli based salad. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with such good friends. My brother and I grew up with their kids, so it’s fun to remember old memories from 15 or 20 years ago. We may have gotten into some trouble together.

Sunday morning I headed out to a hips ‘n’ hammies class at Yoga in Bowness. It was exactly what I needed because I felt amazing when I walked out of class. I didn’t even realize that I was tight through my hips until I wasn’t anymore. Isn’t it funny how things like that creep up on you? The teacher really knew her stuff, so I have a feeling I’ll be going to more of her classes in the future.

I spent Sunday afternoon getting some blog work done at the cutest little coffee shop downtown, Rosso. I hadn’t been there before, but a friend of my brother’s works there, which is how I found out about it. It had a really great vibe and the decor was super cute. I have a feeling I’ll be back soon when I need to get out of the house to get some work done.

After working I met up with my boyfriend and Winston to go for a walk since I was close by. Is there ever a thing such as too much puppy time? Not for me.

What was one highlight of your weekend?

Weekly Workouts April 13 2019

Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts this week. Surprisingly, I didn’t get in any yoga this week. I just wasn’t feeling it in the evenings when I typically go, so I gave myself some grace and just stuck to my morning cardio at the gym. I am looking forward to some yoga next week though.


I took a rest day.


I started off my workouts this week with a cardio session at the gym. I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical doing steady state cardio. I then spent 10 minutes walking the track for my cool down.


I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical on Tuesday, with another 10 minutes doing a cool down on the track. I listened to a new workout playlist so I was in the zone.


I took a rest day.


I spent Thursday morning at the gym on the elliptical again. I did 40 minutes of steady state cardio and then walked the track for my cool down for 10 minutes.


I decided to do more of an active rest day on Friday. I didn’t go to the gym, but I did get in just over 50 minutes of walking during two walks. My boyfriend and I took his puppy Winston for a walk Friday afternoon. After dinner we decided to walk the long way back to his place. I’ll have to implement more after meal walks because it felt really good.


I went to the gym this morning to get one more cardio workout in this week. They gym was actually pretty quiet this morning which was a nice surprise. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical doing steady state cardio. I then did a 10 minute cool down on the track.

What was your favorite workout this week?

Do you have a habit of of going for walks after meals?