Weekly Workouts July 9 to 15 2017

It’s Saturday morning so that means that it’s time for a Weekly Workouts post here on GFF. I recap my workouts from the last week. I love hearing what other people are doing at the gym, so I share mine too.

Weekly Workouts

Sunday // As usual, my first workout of the week was while volunteering with soccer. Although I’m not really playing, but more gathering balls, moving cones, and keeping up the kids, it’s still a great workout.  It was hot out, but there was a breeze which made it tolerable to be out there for two hours.


Monday // I ended up turning my alarm off when it started beeping and going back to sleep because I didn’t sleep very well the night before. As a result, Monday became a rest day.

Tuesday // I decided to skip the gym and instead do an at home workout. Fitness Blender came to the rescue and I did this one for a 35 minute workout.


Wednesday // I made it to the gym on Wednesday and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical. I had made a new playlist a day or two before, so the 45 minutes flew by because I had new music to listen to. Music is such a motivating thing for me during workouts. If I happen to forget my ipod that workout will almost always be off.

Thursday // When I got to the gym I decided that it was going to be a bike day. I spent 40 minutes pedaling away and getting sweaty. Why is it I always feel like I’m working harder on the bike than on the elliptical, but I always burn less calories?

Friday // I decided to take the day off and sleep in. The 6:30 alarm to get up for work somehow seems like hours later than the the 4:45 alarm to get to the gym in time before work, even though it’s only an hour and 45 minute difference.

Saturday // The plan is to head to the gym this morning and spend some time on either the elliptical or the bike, I haven’t decided which yet.

What was your favorite workout of the week?

Friday Favorites July 14 2017

New gym // Since I finished school the last week of June, I knew it was time to join a new gym. I knew that I wanted to join one closer to home than (max 10 minute drive). I ended up deciding on the YMCA by my house. I’ve been working out there for close to two weeks now and I’m happy with my choice. The community is great and it’s open early enough that I can get in a workout before heading to work.

Under Armor Gym Bag

New gym bag // Last week I ordered a new gym bag online. After a lot of looking online, I decided on Under Armor’s The Works Gym Bag 2.0 (affiliate link). While I would have liked a brighter color, I thought this one was still pretty cute and the perfect size. It’s big enough to fit everything in it, but also small enough to not feel huge when I’m carrying it.

Amazon Prime Video // I recently signed up for Amazon Prime, and I’ve been enjoying the Prime Video that comes along with membership. Although the Canadian version doesn’t have nearly as much content as the American one (boo!), I have found a few things to watch, including Start Up, Flash and Bone, and Unsolved Mysteries (yes, the series from the 80’s). Does anyone else remember watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid and then being scared to go to bed? Between the murders, ghosts, and missing people, it’s no wonder!

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

A Hundred Summers // I started this book earlier in the week. I decided to buy it after I saw Julie feature it on her 10 Books to Read this Summer post.  I’ve read a couple books before that Julie had recommended, so I figured I was safe buying A Hundred Summers (affiliate link). So far I’m about a third of the way through and really enjoying it. Although I wasn’t sold until I was a few chapters end, I’m finding it hard to put down now.

New phone // My phone ended up dying a week ago. Considering that it was three and a half years old, slow and acting up, I figured the end was near. Thankfully I was able to get phone numbers off of it before it finally bit the dust. When I went after work to get my new one, the lady at the store laughed when I told her I was replacing my S4. To put it into perspective, I upgraded to the S8 – the same phone but 4 versions newer! I’m pretty excited to be able to download apps that wouldn’t work on my old phone. Have any suggestions for any fitness/wellness related ones I should check out?

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Circuit Workout Roundup

Today I thought I’d share a roundup of some of my favorite circuit workouts that I’ve shared here on GFF. I have quite the collection of them now. You can click on the graphic to take you to the post that the workout came from for more details. Bookmark this post for days when you’re at the gym but not sure what to do. I think everyone has days like that when you need a bit of inspiration to get going.

Circuit Workout Roundup

This is one of the first workouts I shared on GFF, and I think it shows from the graphic that I created for it. Thankfully I’ve gotten a lot better at making them! It’s amazing how much you can learn in just 14 months. You can find the workout here.

Upper Body Workout

This upper body and cardio workout is the perfect combination for those days at the gym when you want to get in both some cardio and strength training without spending a ton of time there. The workout is here.

Upper Body and Cardio Workout

This lower body workout is a great one for when you’re not feeling very focused. Because there’s 12 different exercises it it, it’ll be sure to keep you from getting bored.

Lower Body Circuit Workout

Some of my favorite workouts are the short ones where you have to work extra hard. This is one of those workouts. Even though each exercise is only done for 30 seconds, this workout keeps you moving. Find it here.

24 Minute Full Body Workout

This workout might look familiar because it’s the last workout that I shared. It’s a great one though, so I knew that I had to add it to this post. You can find all the details for this workout here.

 Lower Body Circuit Workout

Each exercise of this circuit workout seems to go by pretty quick, but by the end of the first circuit I’m already feeling it. Find the workout here.

Halloween Howler Workout

And the last workout that I’m adding to this roundup is a full body one. The intervals for this one are a bit longer – 60 seconds, but you only repeat the circuit 2 or 3 times. You can find the blog post for this workout here.

 Full Body Workout


If you’re looking for some non circuit workouts check out my workouts page.

As always, check with your doctor before working out. Honor your body and modify all exercises as needed. 

Weekly Workouts July 2 to 8 2017

Good morning. This week flew by – probably because of it was a short week thanks to Canada Day. Even though Monday was a holiday I still managed to get in three workouts this week.

Weekly Workouts

Sunday // I was expecting to go volunteer with soccer, but it ended up getting cancelled because of the long weekend. I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to do a workout on my own, so Sunday became a rest day.

Monday // Even though I had Monday off for Canada Day, I still made it to the gym bright and early. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a good 10 minutes of stretching that felt amazing! Clearly a sign that I need to be doing more yoga.

Tuesday // I slept in a bit, so I opted for an at home workout instead of heading to the gym. I did a Fitness Blender on YouTube. I can’t remember exactly which one it was that I did, other than it was one of their cardio workouts.

Elliptical Workout

Wednesday // I made it to the gym on Wednesday and hopped on the elliptical to get another cardio workout in. For some reason it went by really quick, which was a nice surprise. I then found a spot on the floor and spent 10 minutes doing some core work. Even though I know how important it is to have a strong core, working my core isn’t always a high priority for me. I should absolutely know better, but it’s so easy to skip it at the end of a workout when I’m tired.

Thursday // I took another rest day on Thursday.

Friday // I spent my time at the gym on the bike for 25 minutes and then walked a few laps of the track to cool down. For some reason I have a hard time cooling down while using equipment. It just feels weird to be slowing down while I’ve been going hard before. Walking definitely gets my heart rate down though, so the track is perfect for that.

Saturday // I had planned to head to the gym this morning, but I had a terrible night’s sleep last night. It’s hot here (32 C or 80 F). With no air conditioning (cause we only get a week or two of hot temperatures like that every year), trying to fall sleep at night is pretty miserable. While I know it’s not hot hot like it gets in other parts of the world, it’s definitely hot for me. Needless to say I woke up a few times and when all you can think about it how hot you are, it’s tough to fall back asleep. So I decided to skip my workout this morning in favor of sleeping in.

What was your favorite workout this week? How hot does it get during the summer where you live? 

60 Minute Workout Playlist

Happy Thursday! It’s hard to believe that the week is almost over already. Of course the long weekend for Canada Day definitely helped since it was only a 4 day work week. Long weekends always throw off my days for the rest of week – I’m always thinking it’s a day later than it actually is. Does that happen to anyone else?

Today I’m sharing a 60 minute workout playlist. Music is such a huge motivator for me while I’m at the gym, so I’m constantly making new playlists. Sometimes (most of the time) I need a little extra motivation to stay on the treadmill or elliptical for the entire 45 minutes I have planned, and for me music makes it much more easier to do. I love hearing what other people are listening to so I like to share my playlists just in case you need some music ideas while you’re at the gym too.

60 Minute Workout Playlist

I ended up decided to add a few songs from the 80’s to this playlist (Rhythm Nation my Janet Jackson and Straight Up by Paula Abdul). Side note: if you haven’t seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt lip syncing Rhythm Nation go watch it right now here. It’s awesome and it’s totally worth the 4 or 5 minutes it takes to watch. I also included a few older songs like Hung Up by Madonna, Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right, and Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls. Right now I’m really liking Maroon 5’s Cold and Sail by Awolnation, so I knew that I had to add those songs to the playlist too. Cold is on the radio a lot here, and I always end up turning it up whenever it comes on.

For more workout playlist ideas of mine, you can find them here.

What’s your current favorite song to get you motivated and pumped to workout at the gym?