Weekly Workouts

Sunday // My morning started off at the gym with a workout on the elliptical. After a warm up I did some intervals – going as hard as I could for 60 seconds followed by a few minutes of recovery before repeating the interval 6 more times. I ended the workout by lowering the resistance and not worrying about speed. Since my heart rate was still a bit high I decided to walk a few laps of the track that goes around the strength training equipment. Within a few minutes my heart rate was significantly lower so I called it a day.

Monday // My workout on Monday was a new to me class – cardio dance. I was expecting it to be Zumba like. While it wasn’t my favorite class, I’m glad I went. I was a sweaty mess after the 60 minutes. Not all workouts can be amazing ones, right?

Tuesday // Rest day. The plantar fasciitis in my right foot started to act up a bit after the class on Monday night, so I thought it would be smart to take it easy today. I rolled out my foot with a golf ball a few times throughout the day to try to loosen up the fascia a bit and keep it from getting any worse. As much as I would have rather workout out, it’s just not worth it to have the plantar fasciitis bother me more and needing a longer break from exercise.

Weekly Workouts

Wednesday // My foot was feeling a bit better on Wednesday so I did some more intervals on the elliptical on Wednesday morning, very similar to my workout on Sunday. Once again my workout flew by thanks to the intervals, and I was done at the gym before I knew it.

Thursday // I pressed the snooze button one too many times Thursday morning, so I didn’t have enough time to get to the gym before I had to be at work. My plan was to get to the gym after work, but work ended up being super busy putting together orders, so by the time I got home I was exhausted. The only thing I wanted to do was eat dinner and not move from the couch. Thursday turned into an unplanned rest day.

Friday // The weather on Friday was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to skip the gym and instead go for a walk in my favorite park. The park and walking paths follow the river so it was a really pretty place to take in the changing colors on the leaves. The route I took had quite a few big hills, so I was breathing hard and my legs were like jelly by the time I got to the top of the last hill.

Saturday // My plan for today is to go to the gym this afternoon for a group fitness class. There’s two on the schedule that I would like to take, so I’ll make up my mind when I get to the gym.

What was your favorite workout from the last week?

Weekly Workouts September 24 to 30 2017

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