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When I read Beth’s chili pasta recipe on Budget Bytes I knew I’d be making it. Winters get really cold here (hello –35 degrees C with the wind chill), so it’s always nice to have something warm and filling when it’s like that outside. This chili pasta recipe is just the thing to warm you up when it’s cold.

My only warning before starting to make this chili pasta is to make sure that the pot you’re using is big enough! I just barely had enough room in the pot pictured below. As in when I added the broth it came right up the the top. Next time I’ll be using a bigger one. Until it cooked down a bit, the volume was more than I thought it would be and it got a little stressful for a minute or two.

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This recipe is pretty straight forward – nothing too complicated. It does take some time however to cook, which makes sense considering how much good stuff is in it (two kinds of beans, ground beef, pasta, corn, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and beef stock. There’s quite a few of ingredients, but they’re all easy to find at your local grocery store.

I know some people like their chili with more liquid, but I really liked the thicker texture of this one.  It would be fairly easy to modify this recipe into a vegetarian one. Omit the ground beef and instead of adding beef broth you could substitute vegetable broth.

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By the time I was done making the kitchen smelled amazing. I was more than ready to sit down and try some for dinner. I was disappointed. It wasn’t spicy (which I really liked), but it was still really flavourful. Although pasta isn’t something I would usually put in chili I think it really worked well in this recipe.

This recipe makes a lot of chili. I filled a few meal sized containers and put them in the fridge. It was just as good the day after. In fact, one family member thought it was even better as leftovers.

Once again, you can find the recipe here on the Budget Bytes blog. Beth has step by step instructions if you’re not much of a cook, so give this recipe a try even if you’re not the world’s best when it comes to cooking.

Do you have a favourite chili recipe or a secret ingredient?

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