Apple Pecan Spice Cake Pinterest October 2014

The Brown Eyed Baker is one of the blogs that I read on a daily basis. Her recipes are delicious and not too complicated. I have yet to try one that didn’t turn out as tasty as promised.

As soon as I saw the post title for the Apple Pecan Spice Cake (recipe here) I knew that I had to make it. Although the original recipe also includes a cheesecake filling and a praline frosting, I decided to leave both of them out. It sounded delicious, but I wanted a cake that was a little more simple.

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I didn’t use my Kitchen aid mixer because this cake was a little too delicate with the chopped apples. Even though I had to mix it by hand it didn’t feel like it took any longer. If I had used the mixer I think the apple wouldn’t have survived, and they would have been turned to mush.

Chopping up the apples definitely took some time. In the end it turned out to be worth it though. The apples were small enough that they were distributed throughout the cake (and didn’t sink to the bottom), but you also had apple in every bite.

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Although I do enjoy frosting (and the praline frosting in this recipe sounded delicious) I really wanted to the apple to shine through on this cake. Since there was also two cups of sugar in the cake batter, I didn’t want it to be too sweet either.

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As usual, I had to bake it for the longest amount of time suggested because of the high altitude here in Calgary. It smelled sooo good when I took it out of the oven. Once I had let it cool for a few minutes on a wire rack I took the cake out of the pan. It came out with no problem because ! had greased and floured the pan at the beginning. It’s always worth it to take the time to do that because it takes the worry about getting it out.

It turned out delicious! I liked that it wasn’t too sweet, and with the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice) really complimented the apple flavour and brought it out. It’s the perfect fall recipe, that goes with a cup of tea when you need a snack. I’ll definitely be making this cake again. Once again, you can find this recipe here from The Brown Eyed Baker.

What’s the last cake you made? Leave me a comment telling me about it.

Apple Pecan Spice Cake