Pasta Salad Pinterest June 27 2013

I found this recipe over on Peas and Crayons this week. I immediately pinned it on Pinterest cause I knew I’d want to make it.

I knew there was some fresh pasta in the fridge, along with some grape tomatoes. At the grocery store I saw that mozzarella was on sale, so I picked some up. I thought we’d have most of the other ingredients already, so I was pretty sure I was set.

It turns out we didn’t have the fresh basil (the plant we had in the backyard died), but I substituted dried basil and it still worked though I’m sure fresh would taste a million times better.

Pasta Salad June 27 2013 (1)

I cooked the pasta. These tortellini liked to float on the top of the water – I have more than enough water in there, I promise!

Pasta Salad June 27 2013 (2)

While the pasta was cooking I whipped up the dressing. It was really simple and all the ingredients were already in my pantry.

Pasta Salad June 27 2013

The recipe calls for mozza balls, but since this was on sale instead, it’s what I went with. I roughly chopped it up into inch sized pieces.

Pasta Salad June 27 2013 (4)

I used two of these containers of tomatoes. I used more pasta than the recipe called for, so I thought I’d add in some extra tomatoes too.

Pasta Salad June 27 2013 (6)

Once the pasta was done cooking I strained it and ran it under cold water to stop the cooking and cool it off. Once it was room temperature I put it into a mixing bowl with all the other ingredients and gently mixed it so the tomatoes would stay hole.

It ended up turning out pretty tasty, plus it was easy to make. Besides the tortellini and mozzarella, I had most of the other ingredients already in my kitchen. Check out the recipe here of you’re interested in making some for yourself!

What’s your favourite kind of pasta?

Mozzarella Pasta Salad

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