Fun Facts Friday

Cliff Bars July 27 2014

I stocked up on some Cliff Bars for when I’m at school and I get hungry. The cafeteria is ridiculously overpriced, so I thought if I kept one of these in my backpack it would tide me over until I got home to eat a proper meal. I got one of each flavour cause I can’t remember which ones I like.

Peppi Walk July 27 2014 (2)

I spent some time with this very cute dog this week. Apparently she felt the need to take advantage of the grass and roll around in it. It must have felt good. It makes me miss having a dog around the house.

Size 12 and Ready to Rock July 28 2014

It’s chick lit, but so much fun to read. There’s only one book left in the series now and I have to admit I’m going to be sad when there’s no more Heather Wells books to read.

Studying July 29 2014

The end is in sight for my class. In 2 weeks I’ll be gloriously free! Until I start my next class that is. At this point I just have one more unit test and a final (worth 50% of my mark – gulp) and then I’m done.

Asian Salad July 31 2014

I ordered this Asian salad at my local pub. While it sounded great on the menu, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but it turned out to be really good.

What’s your favourite flavour of Cliff Bar? Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

Garden Update

Garden July 31 2014 (2)

I’m still loving how bright the red flowers are on the beans. I’m still eagerly waiting on the first bean to appear.

Garden July 31 2014 (3)

The tomatoes continue to flower. I think this year’s tomato crop is going to be a late one. Today I spotted a few (very tiny but still there) tomatoes! I can’t wait to try my first one of the summer.

Garden July 31 2014 (4)

The zucchini’s are still blooming as well. I still haven’t seen a zucchini though. I’m still hoping that I’ll get one or two this year, but it’s not looking good. There still isn’t any sign of any butternut squash either.

Garden July 31 2014 (5)

I think the peas are done. They’re starting to yellow with the heat we’ve had lately and there haven’t been any new pea pods in a couple weeks. Since they like more of the cooler weather, it’s not surprising.

Garden July 31 2014 (7)

I thought the different colors on green in the one zucchini plant was so pretty.

Garden July 31 2014 (8)

These were the last of the peas that I picked today. They were nice and big and of course delicious. It’s kind of sad to think that I’m not going to have anymore still-growing-5-minutes-ago peas until next year.

Leave me a comment telling me what’s growing in your garden right now.

What I Ate Wednesday

WIAW Generic 2013

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

WIAW Breakfast July 30 2014

Breakfast was my usual cereal/yogurt/fruit combination. This time I went with Honey Bunches of Oats, a Granny Smith apple, and vanilla yogurt.

WIAW Lunch July 30 2014

My lunch was a salad of romaine lettuce, croutons, two hard boiled eggs, and caesar salad dressing. I also had a whole grain pita on the side.

WIAW Dinner July 30 2014

Since the last few days had been so hot, I knew I didn’t want to make something hot for dinner. Instead I went with some meat, cheese, veggies, and crackers. It wasn’t very fancy but it was perfect for a hot day.

Do you have a go to meal for hot days when you don’t want to cook?

Chic Geek WordPress Workshop

I had been to a few Chic Geek events in the past and had a lot of fun at them. When I saw that they were putting on a WordPress worshop with Ladies Learning Code, I immediately signed up. While I think I have the creating content part down, I wanted to learn more about the behind the scenes coding part of blogging.

Chic Geek July 21 2014

It was a two night workshop where we started a new blog from scratch. The first night we played around with the dashboard and got better acquainted with the different options for themes and plug-ins, as well as identifying which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

Chic Geek July 23 2014

The second night was more about the code and how to change the look of our blogs. It was pretty cool to see how a few lines of code could change the layout so much. Along with the teacher leading the class, there were quite a few mentors wandering the room, able to answer any questions we had if we got stuck along the way.

I think my favourite thing about the workshop was feeling like I could ask as many questions as I wanted without feeling like I was asking a dumb question. The mentors were able to explain things to me in a way I could understand without being too technical.

Check out the Chic Geek calendar for upcoming events. Their events range from book clubs to workshops. If you’re interested in learning more about Chic Geek, check out this video.

The Chic Geek from Chic Geek on Vimeo.

Zombie Survivor Race 2014

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend I went to the Zombie Survivor race out in Cochrane. We all had a lot of fun. On the car ride home we were already talking about going again next year. Essentially you can sign up to be a runner or a zombie. Runners go through a 5 km obstacle course and go through zombie zones. They’re given 3 flags (like in flag football), and try to get to the end of the course with at least 1 left. The zombies meanwhile stay in their zone (we were in camp dead) and try to get flags from the runners as they run through it.

 Zombie Survivor Rave July 26 2014 (2)

My brother was the only one of the five of us who wore a costume. He went as a lab worker who got infected. It looked great once he got his makeup done and blood applied. There were some pretty awesome costumes. While I didn’t get photos of any of them, I did see a couple Elvis zombies.

Heather Zombie July 26 2014

The weather was perfect. at 22 (or 71 for my American readers) it was warm without being hot. There was a breeze as well, which helped to keep it a little cooler. If it had been any hotter I think it would have felt like a long day, as there wasn’t any shade once we were out on the course.

Zombie Survivor Rave July 26 2014 (3)

We posed for a post race selfie in the beer gardens. Our registration included a ticket for a beer, so we knew we had to take advantage of that. There were also a few food trucks there. I split the pork tacos at Braizen I had gotten a couple weeks ago with my brother. They were once again delicious, even if they were messy to eat.

Zombie Survivor Rave July 26 2014 (4)

I thought they did a great job with the makeup. The “blood” makeup was actually a combination of coffee and cocoa. I never would have guessed that. The blood on my shirt was applied by water gun. It was kind of a shock because it was so cold when I got “shot”.

Zombie Survivor Rave July 26 2014 (5)

Getting our makeup done went surprisingly quick. There were 4 or 5 people set up, each doing a different part. I was talking to one of the ladies doing the makeup, and she said that she was a professional makeup artist who works on movies and TV series that are filmed in Calgary. Once it came time to take it all off it took a ton of makeup remover and shampooing my hair 3 times to get it all out.

If you’re looking for a fun race or wanting to be a zombie for a couple hours, I’d definitely recommend the Zombie Survivor Race.

Have you ever done a zombie race before? What’s the most unique race you’ve ran?

Fun Facts Friday

Breakfast July 19 2014

I made english muffins with jam and fruit for breakfast. For some reason I’ve been eating more hot breakfasts lately. I have no idea why.

Scarlet Runner Bean July 19 2014

The flowers on the scarlet runner beans in the backyard are blooming! I love the pop of color against the wall of green. I can’t wait for the beans to start growing.

Cranberry Orange Scone July 19 2014

There were more cranberry orange scones in the house this week. They went quick cause they’re delicious. One of these days I’m going to make them myself so I can enjoy them more often.

Chic Geek July 23 2014

This week I went to a WordPress workshop hosted by Chic Geek. I want to talk more about it in another post, but I had a lot of fun and learned lots.

Fried Wontons July 20 2014

You can’t go wrong with fried wontons.

Zucchini Flower July 19 2014

I thought this flower on one of my zucchini plants was so pretty and yellow.

Social Media Breakfast July 25 2014 (1)

This morning I went to my very first Social Media Breakfast. (If you’re interested and in Calgary check out their site here.) The topic was Hootsuite, which is perfect for me because that’s what I use for Twitter most of the time.


Tomorrow I’m headed to the Zombie Survivor Race. I’m signed up to be a zombie and I can’t wait!

Leave me a comment telling me something you’re looking forward to this weekend.

What I Ate Wednesday

WIAW Generic 2013

Thanks once again to Jenn for hosing.

WIAW Breakfast July 23 2014

I’ve found that I’ve been making hot breakfasts more often lately. I’m not sure why, but they’re definitely more yummy that the usual cereal/yogurt/fruit. This time I made scrambled eggs with a little goat cheese sprinkled in (such a great combination) with some toast and strawberry jam.

WIAW Lunch July 23 2014

Lunch was a salad of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, feta cheese, and Greek salad dressing. I also had a pita on the side which I forgot to take a photo of. Whoops.

WIAW Dinner July 23 2014

For dinner I had barbequed chicken with barbeque sauce to dip it in, coleslaw and some chips. I’ve only had barbequed chicken a couple times this summer, but I’m really loving it.

What’s your favourite barbequed food?

Rock the Walk

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (4)

On Saturday I went down to the East Village to go to Rock the Walk. (It happens on the river walk and they have bands playing, hence Rock the Walk.) There were lots of vendors selling everything from antiques to clothing to jewellery. There were also a couple bands playing. Although I was only able to hear the first one, they were great.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (3)

And probably what drew me to Rock the Walk the most, was the food trucks! I got the pork tacos from the Braizen food truck and was really impressed. I was lucky enough to get there just as it was starting so I didn’t have to wait in line to order.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (1)

The tacos were ready really quick and they were sooo delicious! Really you can’t go wrong with anything that has pineapple salsa on it. I apologize for the wonky photo. It was hard to see what I was taking photos of with the sun. Surprisingly this was the only photo that turned out not that great.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (2)

I found a bench and ate while looking out over the river. The only downside to the tacos was that they were messy. I’m glad I grabbed more than one napkin.

I’d definitely recommend going to Rock the Walk. There was a great assortment of stuff to do and see, as well as some delicious food. This one was the fourth annual, so I’m hoping there will be another one next year.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

My workouts this week were pretty much non-existent. My back is feeling better, but it’s still not 100% yet, and I don’t want to push it. I’m trying not to get frustrated, but I’m really crazing some yoga right now. I’m thinking I might try a restorative class this week and see how it goes.

Nosehill Park July 2014 (7)

My activity for the week was just a couple walks. It’s not much, but at least I got outside and moving. It was a pretty hot week weather wise, so none of my walks were very long.

Since I didn’t do much, tell me about your workouts this week in the comments.

Fun Facts Friday

Blueberries July 14 2014

This huge container of blueberries came home from the grocery store with me. They looked so good I couldn’t resist them. They didn’t disappoint, they were really tasty.

First Garden Peas July 14 2014

This week the first peas from the garden ripened! I’ve eaten lots of them already. They’re so sweet and just really delicious. There’s a reason why fresh picked still on the plant 2 minutes ago veggies are so much better than anything at the grocery store.

Vietnamese July 15 2014

Vietnamese happened this week. It was a treat for doing better than I thought I was going to do on a test. I took the test Monday morning and spent the next 48 hours thinking I didn’t do very well on the short answer, but I did better than I was expecting. It’s always a nice surprise when that happens.

Blueberry Poundcake July 15 2014

Some of the blueberries got turned onto blueberry pound cakes. Although the recipe I use is originally for lemon pound cake, I’ve substituted all kinds of berries (in addition to blueberries I’ve also used raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries). You can find the recipe here.

Big Boned by Meg Cabot July 16 2014

I started and finished this book this week. If you haven’t read the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot get to your library and read them. They’re so good! There’s only two more books left in the series after this one and I’m already missing it. Although Meg Cabot writes a lot of young adult books, these ones are written for adults.

Tell me in the comments: what’s growing in your garden? What’s the last book you read?